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Corona havoc in the US, more than 55,000 cases, WHO warns - lockdown like India or else the consequences will be serious

Within the usa, 197 fatalities are claimed on Wednesday along with also the death cost has thus far achieved 773.  New-york of all the united states is affected via this virus.  You will find 25,665 individuals confident along with also 131 individuals also have expired.  Even though 55,225 scenarios are reported over the usa.

The that has cautioned that the US the middle of Corona would function as united states, along with also World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris stated that the united states might develop into the next Italy.

Corona's havoc in the usa continues to be now rising everyday.  The most effective nations on the planet are not able to accomplish any such thing.  The amount of fatalities in the usa is currently rising everyday.
Even though Corona has shaken the united states market, the usa will concern a reduction bundle of just two billion bucks (roughly 151 lakh crores).  This is going to undoubtedly soon likely probably be the largest relief offer ever in your history.

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