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Skoruz Technologies' #FeedTheNeed initiative provides food and educates the people on streets amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

The researchers, Together with meals instruct them hygiene and bookmarking

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The organization within the last two times have distributed to the classes in India therefore far more than 500 meals together with several NGO companions in Chennai and Bangalore.  In addition they want to disperse 1, 000 meals daily evening over the roads around Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru.

Aided Worker's gifts and by support in their CSR financing, the business is attempting to attack the emergency and help portions of the people suppliers earners personnel and older emotionally retarded folks over the roads out.
While the shut-down has been practiced to target Social Distancing, a hit is taken by the sections of this society without the body.  Skoruz technology - A US established Information Analytics business together with ministry in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad has awakened attempts to handle the problems posed from the Covid-19 position and also the resultant effect about the poorer parts of culture.

The organization has been busy in encouraging modern culture.  They spread food items and simple conveniences to people men and women who have influenced from the Chennai Floods at 2015 that homeless around 1.5 million folks.
According to the initiative, Saminathan,'' CEO and also co founder of all Skoruz technology mentioned "It was only an notion that I had and now also if I shared it together with my own team, then they took up it and actioned it over 1-2 hrs.  It had been heart warming to view the initiative is contributed for by our staff .  We're actively working together with all the Regional government to carry this to people in the forthcoming times"

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